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Additional energy companies join SaltX pilot project – Göteborg Energi and Öresundskraft participate in testing of large-scale energy storage concept

Two additional energy companies – Göteborg Energi and Öresundskraft - are now joining the SaltX pilot project for large-scale energy storage. SaltX Technology and Vattenfall that initiated the project together, now have two additional partners joined the pilot project. The pilot plant will be built in Vattenfall's district heating network in Berlin and used to verify the SaltX EnerStore technology in full-scale. The project starts shortly with an initial phase of approximately 18 months.

As previously announced, the pilot project will be conducted with leading Swedish energy companies, the research- and knowledge company Energiforsk, technical consultant Sweco and Stockholm University.

“The fact that Göteborg Energi and Öresundskraft also participate in the pilot project shows the interest energy companies have in large-scale energy storage and EnerStore. It is important for us to have several energy companies that can contribute with their respective expertise and perspectives. In addition, this broad participation allows for a good dissemination of SaltX worldwide patented energy storage technology,” said Karl Bohman, CEO of SaltX Technology.

Although Vattenfall hosts the pilot plant, Göteborg Energi and Öresundskraft will actively participate in the pilot project and contribute knowledge and information on the design, construction and evaluation of the pilot plant.

Both Göteborg Energi and Öresundskraft will also participate in the SaltX application to the Swedish Energy Agency for external funding.

For further information, please contact:

Karl Bohman, CEO SaltX Technology, tel: 070 560 02 68

About Göteborg Energi

Göteborg Energi – – is owned by the city of Gothenburg, and one of Sweden’s leading energy company offering electricity and power, district heating, gas, cooling, energy services and urban fiber.

About Öresundskraft

Öresundskraft – – is owned by the city of Helsingborg and has approximately 260,000 customers in northwestern Skåne. Öresundskraft provides district heating, electricity and district cooling to gas, broadband and services.

About SaltX and EnerStore

SaltX has developed and patented a Nano-Coated Salt (NCS) energy storage technology that is applied in the SaltX business area for large-scale energy storage for heat and power generation – EnerStore. By coating the SaltX material with different forms of nanoparticles, more energy can be stored in the salt and corrosion is prevented. The material entails high capacity to store intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar energy, with minimal storage losses and in a cost-effective manner.

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