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Final report for the pilot plant in Bollmora completed with good results

In October 2022, SaltX Technology submitted its final report regarding large-scale thermochemical energy storage to the Swedish Energy Agency. The report shows good results regarding the project's overall goal of using existing scalable technologies to build a market-demanded solution for long-term energy storage.

Since 2021, SaltX has conducted large-scale test operations of thermochemical energy storage in Bollmora, southeast of Stockholm. The test period has ended, and the project's overall objective has shown satisfying results. The newly installed systems have 3-5 times higher heat transfer coefficients compared to the reactors in Berlin, which means that the technology scales better. Corey Blackman, CTO at SaltX, says: 

"Our pilot in Bollmora is a development from the demonstration plant we built in Berlin. The project aimed to upgrade the energy storage charger and discharger to more scalable industrial solutions. We have shown it is doable, and the next step is to increase the system's maturity with a committed potential end customer." 

The results will now be third-party verified by TUM (Technische Universität München), and we hope the report will be ready before the turn of the year. In parallel, dialogues are ongoing with several actors regarding constructing an industrially adapted system in which SaltX's proprietary charging reactor – Electric Arc Calciner, EAC, will play a key role. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX says: 

"We have taken several important steps towards a commercial solution, but energy storage is a complex system with many variables to consider both technically and commercially. We will continue to industrialize and adapt the product to the market for “Power to Steam”-based systems. As we advance, it's crucial to get acceptance from a deeply committed end customer who wants to take the next step in commercialization with us." 


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SaltX Technology is a Swedish GreenTech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that benefits customers, the climate, and society. The company operates in large-scale energy storage solutions and electrification technology for mainly the lime and cement industry. SaltX Technology's share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB, + 468-528 00 399,, is SaltX Technology's certified advisor. For more information, visit