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SaltX and SMA Mineral deepen their collaboration in a new agreement

 Since spring 2022, SaltX Technology and SMA Mineral have collaborated to jointly create electrified lime plants of the future without CO2 emissions. The parties have now agreed on a joint roadmap until 2028 by signing an in-depth cooperation agreement in which the parties' commitments are regulated. 

SaltX and SMA Mineral have signed an in-depth cooperation agreement that extends until the summer of 2028. The agreement means that SMA Mineral plans to build several facilities where SaltX's electric calcination technology, Electric Arc Calciner (EAC), will be installed.  
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO at SaltX says: 

"Our collaboration with SMA is intensive and rewarding. We have now signed a long-term cooperation agreement in which the respective parties' roles and responsibilities are regulated, wich is an important step for both parties." 

SaltX has made it possible for SMA Mineral to establish an aggressive sustainability plan where a halving of the company's carbon dioxide emissions can take place until 2027. The agreement allows SMA Mineral to use the EAC technology to produce quicklime in the Nordic region. The forecast is that SaltX will receive orders for 7-9 EAC units from SMA Mineral during the contract period. SaltX intends to market and sell the EAC technology to lime manufacturers outside the Nordics and other stakeholders, such as cement manufacturers worldwide.  
Svante Fielding, CEO at SMA Mineral, explains: 

"We have an ambitious plan going forward to reorganize our business. The plan is challenging and also requires large investments. The agreement gives us the security we need to reach our ambitious climate goals." 

SaltX and SMA Mineral are intensifying the project work for the first climate-neutral and electric lime plant that SMA is planning in northern Norway's Mo i Rana for deliveries of quicklime to, among others, Celsa Armeringsstål AS. 

For more information: 
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO, 070-532 08 08 
Harald Bauer, CFO, 070-810 80 34 

About SaltX: 
SaltX Technology is a Swedish greentech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that benefits customers, the climate and society. The company operates in electrification technology for mainly the lime and cement industry and large-scale industrial energy storage. SaltX Technology's share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. More information, visit: 

About SMA Mineral: 
SMA Mineral is one of the largest lime producers in the Nordics and supplies quicklime to the steel and paper & pulp industries, among others. More information, visit: 

About Electric Arc Calciner (EAC): 
EAC is a patented technology for electrical calcination, an industrial process where materials are heated to very high temperatures to change their character. The technology replaces fossil fuels with renewable energy and separates and isolates the carbon dioxide released from the material when heated, enabling a completely emission-free manufacturing process.