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SaltX and SMA Minerals’ concept for production of fossil-free lime (ZEQL) delivers CO2 for the manufacturing of e-Fuels

In Mo I Rana, Norway, SaltX and SMA, in partnership, plan to build the world's first electric quicklime factory, ZEQL. SMA Mineral now enters into an agreement with the American company Infinium regarding the delivery of CO2 for producing so-called e-Fuels, primarily targeting the aviation industry.

The agreement means that SMA Mineral, which will operate and own the ZEQL facility in Mo i Rana, can utilize the CO2 that SaltX's Electric Arc Calciner (EAC) technology separates in the electric manufacturing process of quicklime. The facility will now be expanded to include the production of e-Fuels for the aviation industry in partnership with the American company Infinium. Svante Fielding, CEO of SMA Mineral:

"Through our expertise in sustainable quicklime production in collaboration with SaltX and our agreement with Infinium, SMA Mineral is prepared to play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of sectors vital to the European economy."

SMA Mineral and SaltX have been collaborating since the spring of 2022 and have actively sought alternative solutions for how the collected carbon dioxide should be managed most effectively. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX, explains:

"The fact that our technology lays the foundation for this expanded and unique initiative is very exciting and important for us and for reducing CO2 emissions globally. This is a project of 'mega-factory' magnitude that will generate significant interest, and we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable quicklime and aviation industry."

For more information about Infinium's technology for producing e-Fuels, click here.

For more information, please contact:
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO SaltX Technology, +46 705-32 08 08
Svante Fielding, CEO SMA Mineral, +46 738-03 46 78

About SaltX Technology
SaltX is a Swedish Greentech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that will benefit customers, the climate, and society. The company operates within the electrification of emission-intensive industries such as the lime and cement industries. SaltX Technology's share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more information, visit

About SMA Mineral
SMA Mineral is one of the largest lime producers in the Nordic region, supplying lime to the steel, paper, and pulp industries, as well as many other applications. Since its inception in 1980, SMA has been at the forefront of extraction, processing, and distribution of products based primarily on calcium carbonate and dolomite. With a constant commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible methods, SMA's minerals are crucial components in various industries including steel, paper, and water and flue gas purification. For more information, visit

About ZEQL
ZEQL [sequel] is an industrial partnership for electrified production of quicklime jointly owned by SMA Mineral and SaltX Technology. The manufacturing method and factory concept involve new innovative electrification technology with built-in CO2 separation. The first factory is planned to be operational by 2025.

About Infinium
Infinium is a supplier of electrofuels with a mission to decarbonize the world. Electrofuels are a new type of synthetic fuel manufactured using renewable energy and carbon dioxide, not petroleum or resources needed for food production. Infinium's electrofuels can be used in existing trucks, airplanes, and ships, significantly reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil-based fuels. In addition to helping the transportation industry achieve carbon dioxide reduction goals, Infinium's electrofuels are a lower carbon dioxide emission alternative for chemical processing, including plastic production. Learn why Amazon and other leading cleantech investors have chosen Infinium at