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SMA Mineral and SaltX launch ZEQL – an electrified factory concept for climate-neutral lime production

Since spring 2022, the two companies have been working together to create an electrified concept for industrial-scale climate-neutral lime production. Last summer, SMA Mineral became a shareholder in SaltX Technology by acquiring 15% of the company. Now, the parties are launching a joint factory concept and brand, ZEQL (Zero Emission Quicklime), to raise awareness of the concept and highlight the importance of limestone in modern society. The first factory is expected to be completed by 2025.

The co-owned concept is based on SaltX's patented technology for electric calcination, Electric Arc Calciner (EAC). The technology replaces oil and coal with fossil-free electricity and captures the carbon dioxide released during the intense heating of limestone. SMA Mineral plans to replace its existing plants with the new ZEQL concept. Svante Fielding, CEO of SMA Mineral, says: 

"The market has responded in the best possible way, and we look forward to soon starting the construction of the first plant. We have an aggressive plan ahead, making ZEQL one of the most comprehensive electrification initiatives happening in the industry right now." 

 The two companies are creating a new joint brand and factory concept to increase awareness and interest in the electrified manufacturing method and, in the future, offer other actors to utilize the concept to minimize their climate impact. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX, says: 

"The investment in a joint brand and factory concept strengthens our position as a leading player and driver of the industry's transformation. Our common ambition is for the ZEQL concept to become the new standard for climate-neutral lime production for the entire industry." 

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For more information, please contact: 
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO SaltX Technology, +46 705-32 08 08 
Svante Fielding, CEO SMA Mineral, +46 738-03 46 78 

About ZEQL:  

ZEQL [sequel] is an industrial partnership for electrified manufacturing of quicklime co-owned by SMA Mineral and SaltX Technology. The manufacturing method and factory concept include new innovative electrification technology with incorporated CO2 separation. Our first plant is planned to be completed in 2025.

About SaltX Technology:  
SaltX Technology is a Swedish green-tech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that benefits customers, the climate, and society. The company operates in large-scale energy storage solutions and electrification technology for mainly the lime and cement industry. SaltX Technology's share is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more information, visit:

About SMA Mineral:  
SMA Mineral is one of the largest lime producers in the Nordics and supplies quicklime to the steel and paper & pulp industries, among others. For more information, visit: