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The construction of SaltX’s new plant has started – paving the way for the lime and cement industry’s green transition

Last week, in the glorious spring sunshine, the construction of SaltX Technology's demonstration plant for electric calcination started. The facility will be situated next to ScanArc's premises inside Ovako's industrial area. In addition to personnel from SaltX and ScanArc, there were representatives from Hofors Municipality and journalists. 

Caption: From left, Kjell Johansson, CEO Entré Hofors; Tomas Isaksson, Chairman of the Municipal Board of Hofors, Carl-Johan Linér, CEO SaltX and Joel Martinsson, project manager SaltX.

The plant has a crucial role in the industrialization phase that SaltX initiated for its patented innovation, Electric Arc Calciner (EAC), a technology that enables an electrified and emission-free production of quicklime, among other things. For the intense heating of the limestone required for calcination, SaltX uses electric plasma torches from ScanArc, the company's CEO, Håkan Gustavsson: 

"It is really exciting that our technology becomes a part of the innovation that SaltX developed to manufacture quicklime and cement without any emissions of greenhouse gases. This collaboration is an important and long-term commitment that is also very motivating." 

The plant will be a pioneering demonstration plant for electric calcination. Various materials will be tested; processes will be adjusted and fine-tuned to function optimally later during the construction of full-scale production facilities. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX: 

"As we have stated earlier, the facility should be ready by the fall, so it feels good that we broke ground today. It is a very important investment that we are making, enabling us to scale up the technology and fulfill our end customers' demands in terms of volume and quality." 

The location in Hofors is natural, given the collaboration with ScanArc and the closeness to potential customers. Hofors municipality is also very ambitious in its work to increase the number of establishments in the area, Tomas Isaksson, chairman of the municipal board, says: 

"It is gratifying for us that Hofors, with our long and proud industrial tradition, is attracting new interesting industrial initiatives. We welcome SaltX to the municipality and look forward to following their important work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industry." 

P4 Gävleborg covered the event and made a reportage, listen to it here.

For more information, please contact: 
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO, +46 70 532 08 08 
Harald Bauer, CFO, +46 70 810 80 34 

About Electric Arc Calciner: 

EAC is a patented technology for electrical calcination, an industrial process where materials are heated to very high temperatures to change its character. The technology replaces fossil fuels with renewable energy and separates and isolates the carbon dioxide released from the material during heating, enabling a completely emission-free manufacturing process. 

About SaltX Technology: 
SaltX Technology is a Swedish Greentech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that benefits customers, the climate, and society. The company operates in large-scale energy storage solutions and electrification technology for mainly the lime and cement industry. SaltX Technology's share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more information, visit: