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WHOYOUARE in partnership with Swedish heavy metal band Ghost

Swedish heavy metal icons Ghost are releasing their new album “Meliora” this August, in close collaboration with WHOYOUARE and Bea Åkerlund. 

Ghost’s new album, “Meliora”, will be released on 21 August. The band will then embark on a lengthy tour of the USA. The collaboration sees Bea Åkerlund, founder of WYA Holding and WHOYOUARE, taking on the role of Creative Director and Fashion Director for Ghost. The band has been given a new look, with clothes designed by WYA members Michele Berandi and Majesty Black. Some of the clothing and accessories are also available to buy via WHOYOUARE.COM.

Ghost were formed in 2008 in Linköping, and have subsequently become established as an innovative heavy metal band with fans all over the world. In addition to their music, the band has also attracted a lot of attention because the band members have chosen to appear behind masks without revealing their identities.

Third collaboration in a short time

WHOYOUARE has collaborated previously with the artistes Laleh and Icona Pop. These collaborations with artistes are an important element of the launch of WYA Holding’s WHOYOUARE platform. The nature of the collaboration changes from case to case, but the common purpose is to increase traffic to the WHOYOUARE platform.

An initial preview can be viewed at

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