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Renewable Energy on-Demand

Energy storage makes 
renewable energy plannable

SaltX industrial large-scale energy storage solutions enable a decarbonized and fossil-free future by making renewable energy plannable. Cities and industries need to reach net-zero carbon emissions – we are here to make it happen.

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Power to Steam

Steam is essential for many industries and energy systems. Approximately 25 % of the world’s energy demand consists of industrial heat. By charging the energy storage with off-grid renewable electricity or surplus electricity from the existing grid, discharge can take place at any time with high-grade steam.

When integrating more thermal flexibility into the energy system, the requirement for the buildout of more generation will be lower, and the redundancy will be higher. It will also help to increase the utilization of all the renewable energy produced and prevent energy from being” wasted

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Technology alone won’t save us

New powerful technology alone isn’t enough. It must be matched with the same innovative thinking on a systemic level: in society, with decision-makers, and in boardrooms of large companies.