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Our contribution to a decarbonized & sustainable future

Electrifying heavy-emission industries is a must to give birth to a new emission-free industrial era. This is the plants we have built – so far.

Calcination Pilot

When optimizing the charging unit of SaltX energy storage technology – a new innovation was born. An electric arc calciner which both can be used for charging in the energy storage application but also for electrifying and decarbonization of high temperature industries such a quick lime and cement.

Project status: Ongoing
Project partners: ABB
Application: Electrification of high temperature industries

Stockholm Pilot

Following the construction and test runs in Berlin, SaltX has focused on improving and optimizing the technologies for charging and discharging in an pilot just outside Stockholm at Vattenfall’s facilities.

Project status: Ongoing
Project partners: Sumitomo SHI FW & Calix Limited, 
ABB & Alfa Laval
Application: Energy storage for Cities & Industries

Berlin Pilot

In 2019 SaltX developed a large-scale pilot plant at Vattenfall’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Berlin. The energy storage unit stored excess (renewable) electricity and discharged it as heat directly into Berlin’s district heating network.

Project status: Deployed
Project partners: Vattenfall
Application: Energy storage for Cities