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Our contribution to a decarbonized & sustainable future

ECRC – Electric Calciner Research Center

An industrial test and research plant for electric calcination located in Hofors, Sweden. The facility serves as the bridge between the previous smaller pilot and the full-scale industrial facilities that will be established with our partners.

Project status: Opening in the autumn of 2023.
Project partners: ScanArc & ABB
Application: Electric calcination for several industries, such as Quicklime & cement.

Read more about our ECRC-plant here.

Calcination Pilot

When optimizing the charging unit of SaltX energy storage technology – a new innovation was born. An electric arc calciner which both can be used for charging in the energy storage application but also for electrifying and decarbonization of high temperature industries such a quick lime and cement. Project status: Completed Project partners: ABB Application: Electrification of high temperature industries.