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Sustainability work


SaltX’s work on sustainability issues is a natural and long-term part of the business. It is also a prerequisite for achieving the company’s goals – to create technological solutions that promote the climate.
The company strives to become a significant player in green and sustainable technological development.
The business is therefore continuously evolving to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and needs.
Operating a long-term and sustainable business means creating long-term solutions in a responsible and innovative way from both a climate and an economic perspective – all with the aim of promoting good social development.

Sustainable offering

SaltX technology will contribute to the diversity of industrial solutions that are needed to ensure that climate and sustainability issues are not unmanageable for the planet or for people. Our business concept is to develop and offer sustainable technology that will actually benefit customers, the climate and society. By continuously developing, we strive to make a real difference to the climate so that we can contribute to sustainable development and growth – now and in the future.
SaltX wants to be part of stopping negative climate change and of enabling a modern society with good economic development that can flourish without destroying nature.

Environment and climate responsibility

SaltX works with a clear awareness of climate and sustainability issues. In our day-to-day work, this is expressed in an understanding of what alternatives are necessary and what needs to be done to benefit the climate, people and society.
This permeates all the commitments we make.
We strive to work with circular and resource-efficient working methods that have a positive impact on health, the environment and the climate – both internally and together with our customers and partners.

Social responsibility

SaltX employees have the right to a safe and healthy working environment. We work actively to ensure that our workplace is characterized by equality, diversity and respect for each and every employee.
We have a vision of having as even a gender distribution as possible among our employees.
Our work environment must be developmental and offer a good balance between leisure time and work.
All our employees take joint responsibility for SaltX’s long-term and sustainable development in the field of green and sustainable technology, and work proactively to maintain this in our operations.

Improvement work

SaltX is constantly working to improve and develop the business to reach its goals. An important part of our development journey is an awareness of the outside world’s expectations and reactions, which helps us to evaluate our work and ultimately achieve our goal – to create technological solutions that benefit the climate.