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Incentives program

The Annual General Meeting 25 April 2022 resolved on an issue of up to 3,000,000 warrants of series 2022/2025 to the company, and approved transfer of the warrants to key employees in the SaltX group. 738,000 warrants have been transferred to key employees. The remaining 2,262,000 warrants have been cancelled following decision by the Board of Directos. Following recalculation due to the company’s rights issue in 2023, each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for 1.04 shares of series B in the company during the period from and including 1 June 2025 up to and including 30 June 2025 at a subscription price of SEK 5.66 per share, entailing an increase of the share capital with SEK 61,401.60 upon full exercise of all 738,000 warrants. The warrants may be subject to customary recalculation in accordance with the terms of the warrants.