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Divided policy

Decisions concerning dividends are taken by the General Meeting following a proposal from the Board and disbursement will be handled by Euroclear..

The amount of any future dividends to shareholders of SaltX Technology will be dependent on a number of factors, such as income, financial position, cash flow and working capital requirements. Dividends can only be payed to shareholders when long-term profitability can be expected. In the next few years, dividends are not expected to be relevant because available funds will be used for continued expansion. Decisions concerning dividends are taken by the General Meeting and disbursement will be handled by Euroclear. The right to receive dividend payment belongs to the person who is registered as a holder of shares in share register kept by Euroclear on the dividend record day as determined by the General Meeting.

Dividends are normally paid out as a cash amount per share. If shareholders cannot be reached for receipt of dividend payments, the shareholder’s claim on the Company for the dividend amount will remain in force and will only be limited in time by the general rules governing limitation. In the event of limitation, the full dividend amount will revert to the Company. SaltX Technology does not apply any restrictions or special procedures regarding cash dividends to shareholders resident outside Sweden. In addition to any restrictions imposed by bank or clearing systems, payment to such shareholders shall be made in the same manner as for shareholders resident in Sweden. However, shareholders who are not tax resident in Sweden are subject to normal withholding tax.