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Rights issue

In order to pursue the Company’s strategy and execute the current business plan, the Annual General Meeting of the company resolved on 20 April 2017 to issue new Series B shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders.
  On April 20, 2017, the Annual General Meeting decided on a rights issue of 100 million SEK aimed at increasing the investment in large-scale energy storage – EnerStore – and ensuring the company’s future financing needs. The rights issue is 100 % guaranteed through subscriptions from main shareholders and a guarantee consortium. The prospectus shows that SaltX Technology’s total market potential is estimated at 160 billion SEK per year, of which the EnerStore application amounts to 100 billion SEK.

The rights issue in brief

Shareholders in the Company receive one subscription right for each share held on the record date.
Subscription period
The subscription period is from 2 May to 19 May 2017.
Amount of new shares
The rights issue includes a maximum of 8,947,461 shares.
Price of issue
SEK 11.20 per share.
Subscription right
1:5 (5 subscription rights are required to subscribe for 1 new share).
Emissions amount
Approximately 100 million SEK.
Number of existing shares
44 737 307 shares.
Carl-Johan Linér