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Grand Opening – ECRC (Electric Calcination Research Center)

On the 16th of November, we had our Grand Opening event for our magnificent test and research center in Hofors, Sweden. Over 100 invited guests celebrated this very special moment together with us.

In less than ten months, we have constructed and built a world-unique facility, paving the way forward to industrialize our electrification and carbon dioxide separation technology. The event marks the beginning of a new era for us as a company, as we now accelerate our efforts to set our technology to work – eliminating millions of tons of CO2 from heavy-emission industries globally.

For all of you who participated, thanks for spending the day with us! It means more than a lot to have your support and trust. For all of you who believe in us and couldn’t join in – this is for you! Enjoy.

Cutting the Ribbon ✂️

The moment we all have been waiting for – cutting the ribbon and officially declaring our test- and research center inaugurated. It is a truly special moment for us as we can now proceed into the very important testing phase.

The honor of cutting the ribbon with our CEO, Carl-Johan Linér went to the municipal board chairman in Hofors, Tomas Isaksson (left), and Scarnarc’s CEO, Håkan Gustafsson (right).

SaltX Grand Opening ECRC – The Movie!

The best from the day, captured on camera. From all of us at SaltX to all of you who cheer us on – thanks! 🙏

SaltX joins LeadIT – Welcoming speech from the Government Office

The announcement of SaltX joining LeadIT at the grand opening of SaltX test- and research facility, the Electric Calciner Research Center (ECRC), in Hofors, Sweden. SaltX was welcomed as a member by Daniel Westlén, Sweden’s State Secretary at the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise, and India’s ambassador in Sweden, Mr. Tanmaya Lal.

“By cooperation along value chains from local to global level, and collaboration between companies, municipalities, and countries, we can achieve sustainable growth and reduced climate emissions together. In Sweden, and abroad.”

– Daniel Westlén, State Secretary at the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise.

Pictures from the Grand Opening Ceremony, Hofors, Sweden.

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