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SaltX and SMA Mineral in a collaborative project with Swerim regarding the use of “green lime” for steel production


SaltX Technology and SMA Mineral project on the melting behavior of “green lime” for steelmaking has been granted by Vinnova. The project is part of the strategic innovation program Swedish Mining Innovation called “Secure sustainable metal and mineral supply,” which is a project managed by Swerim. Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, and Formas finance the projects.

Lime is required in several steps in the steelmaking process to form a slag, protect the steel melt from oxidation, and purify the steel melt from unwanted substances. The project’s purpose is a joint development and demonstration trial to test and evaluate the “green lime” as a slag-forming material in steelmaking. The project is planned to be completed by December 2023.

The project is led by Swerim and is separate from the previously communicated pre-studies that SaltX and SMA Mineral are conducting together with the steel manufacturers SSAB and Celsa.