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SaltX strengthens its organization for expansion – recruits a new Chief Operations Officer

SaltX is recruiting Lina Jorheden as the new COO to strengthen the company’s industrialization phase. With her solid background in building strong organizations in international industrial companies, Lina is responsible for leading and developing the operational work in the company’s ongoing expansion.

Lina joined SaltX in May this year and is part of the company’s management team. Here’s a chance to get to know her a little better.

  • You have been part of SaltX for nearly 2 months now, what is your strongest impression so far?

I am impressed by the high level of expertise and great commitment that is consistently present in this relatively small company. We are in an incredibly exciting phase where customer demand is strong, and progress is fast. I have received a very warm welcome and look forward to continuing to build a solid foundation for industrialization and growth together with the team and our partners.

  • You have a background in economics and have spent your entire career until now in large industrial companies. What made you decide to leave that world for a smaller, innovative technology company?

It feels meaningful to work for a more sustainable future, and it’s inspiring to be part of pushing the technological frontier forward. I hope that in a smaller company, the gap between ideas and execution is closer, and that I can have a greater influence. I am driven by the opportunity to drive positive, value-driven change together with others.

  • Your career took you abroad early on. What was it that attracted you?

The adventure! I wanted to be challenged, learn new things, see other parts of the world, and make new friends.

  • Spending a total of 9 years in Africa is a very long time, what made you stay for such a long period?

I enjoyed it very much, both professionally and personally. I was given significant responsibilities early on and had the opportunity to build two businesses. I had fantastic colleagues, and despite the many challenges, we collectively drove positive change over time. We covered 14 countries, and I traveled to places and met people I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to. Having safaris, the Indian Ocean, and adventure at my doorstep was also fantastic!

  • What were the biggest challenges you experienced during that time?

Initially, it was trying to grasp the job, which was entirely new to me while also wanting to establish a social circle and make friends. It was difficult to find enough time for both, and at times, it felt lonely. It was also complex to cover so many different types of countries, with fragmented customer segments and both distributor and direct sales.

  • In the past four years, you have been operationally responsible for a venture within Epiroc called Rocvolt, described as a startup within the Epiroc group. Can you tell us more about that initiative?

Rocvolt started as a business development unit with the goal of accelerating Epiroc’s electrification business, both by rethinking the sales of electrified mining equipment and exploring new areas to build a larger future electrification business. The idea was to work differently from traditional industrial operations, more like a startup, and build a “company within the company.” Rocvolt is responsible for Epiroc’s batteries and chargers and collaborates with Northvolt in developing battery systems for mining. Among other things, we were the first to launch “Batteries as a Service,” a circular business model, within the mining segment. Over the years, we built a network organization with around 100 employees and global sales.

  • Exciting! What made you want to work with sustainability and circularity in the industrial sector? 

Partly, it’s probably due to my years in East Africa, a desire to work on something that feels genuinely meaningful and where there is an opportunity to make a real difference.

  • Based on your experience, what does it take for an industry to go from words to actions when it comes to climate action? 

What truly made a difference for the mining industry was a strong pressure from shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders. To be a relevant employer, an attractive investment, and a prioritized supplier, companies had to set clear CO2 reduction goals and start showing actions aligned with them.

  • SaltX is at the beginning of a very exciting journey where we can make a significant impact in reducing CO2 emissions in the industry. What do you primarily see yourself contributing to ensure our success all the way?

Firstly, I bring with me the lessons learned from building Rocvolt, our collaboration with Northvolt (which had fewer than 10 people when we started working together), and my experiences from East Africa where we practiced problem-solving on daily basis. I also bring a conviction that it is important to invest time in building teams, shared values, and culture in order to drive innovation and growth at a faster pace.

  • Finally, mention a talent you have that none of us at SaltX know about yet?I’m great at reheating yesterday’s pizza.🍕