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SaltX reports positive results from its test and research center

Shortly after the grand opening of SaltX Technology’s test and research center (ECRC) for electrical production of lime products such as quicklime and cement in November last year, the company’s first testing period started. The period’s objectives were commissioning the facility, fine-tuning technology and support systems, and initiating material tests. The first testing period shows positive results. During the next testing period, more material tests will be conducted with the expectation of reaching industrial standards.

SaltX has rapidly built and commissioned its unique test and research center for electric calcination (ECRC). During the initial testing period, the company ensured commissioning and overall functionality and initiated material tests. During the extensive test period, large amounts of data were collected and analyzed regarding optimization of operating temperature, material flow, and degree of calcination.

During this period, the company has systematically implemented several improvement actions to ensure the facility’s functionality, operational reliability, and efficiency. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX, explains:

”We are seeing positive results from the first intensive testing period. We were aware that during this period, we would need to make several adjustments and fine-tuning to improve processes and material flow, which has been done. We have gradually made progress, and we are confident that the improvements that have been, and will be implemented, will have the effect we desire.”

For the upcoming testing period, the company will activate more actions and fine-tuning to secure overall functionality and conduct more extensive material tests over longer periods of time. The goal of these measures is to achieve the industrial standard demanded in terms of material quality. SaltX CTO, Lars Croon, says:

”We have repeatably observed good results in terms of calcination level and material movement. In the next phase, we will focus on regulating the temperature and optimizing the flow of materials. We are optimistic about implementing these improvements and making progress towards our goals.”

The company will report updates on progress and results as new relevant information becomes available. The knowledge we acquire through the various testing periods is crucial for upcoming projects in northern Norway’s Mo i Rana, where, together with SMA Mineral, we will construct the world’s first electrified lime plant – ZEQL (Zero Emission Quicklime).

For more information:
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO, 070 532 08 08
Harald Bauer, CFO, 070 810 80 34

About SaltX:
SaltX Technology is a Swedish green tech company that develops and markets sustainable technology beneficial for customers, climate, and society. The company operates in electrification technology primarily for the lime and cement industry and large-scale industrial energy storage. SaltX Technology’s share is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more information, visit:

About Electric Arc Calciner (EAC):
EAC is a patented technology for electric calcination, an industrial process where materials are heated to very high temperatures to alter their characteristics. The technology replaces fossil fuels with renewable energy and separates and isolates the carbon dioxide released from the material during heating, enabling a completely emission-free manufacturing process.

About Electric Calciner Research Center (ECRC):
ECRC is an industrial test and research facility for electric calcination located in Hofors, Sweden. The facility serves as the bridge between the previous smaller pilot and the full-scale industrial facilities that will be established with our partners.

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