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Let’s make Brown→Green

The EAC (Electric Arc Calciner) – Realizing the Fossil Free Industrial Transition

The industrial dependency on fossil-fuel in high-temperature heating industries can finally become history thanks to our innovation – Electric Arc Calciner (EAC).

The technology reinvents the industrial process called calcination – a heating process used to heat materials to a high temperatures. Our electric plasma technology replaces fossil-driven heating with renewable electricity and separate the CO2 emissions released during the heating process.



Electrified Production


Opening of the world unique test and research center, ECRC.




Separation of CO2 Process Emissions 

1 000 000

Tons of CO2 Eliminated*

*Until end of 2030

Innovative Technology

The EAC – Electrification and CO2 separation for the Fossil-Free Industrial Transition

Meet ZEQL (Zero Emission Quicklime) – The world’s first fully electrified Quicklime plant. Ready by 2025

Today the quick lime production emits more than 400 million ton of CO2 worldwide. The material is one of the most important material we have on earth makes it possible to drink clean water, produce steel, glass and paper etc. The majority of the industry use the quick lime as an essential component in their production.

Our solution is electrifying the heating of the material and takes care of the process emissions from the stone at the same time. You get both a production unit and a carbon capture unit at a glance.


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ZEQL - Concept Factory ZEQL - Concept Factory

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